About Us

Our Company provides outsourced solutions for small and mid-sized companies including Bookkeeping, Consulting and Placement. Outsourcing Plus Inc. is committed to providing a level of service that exceed our clients’ expectations. Delivering smart business solutions that enable clients to manage their businesses more effectively and grow.

We work with our clients year-round, providing day-to-day our services. We strive to build strong long term relationships with our clients by providing expert financial guidance and advice with excellent customer service.

Our Mission

Provide, with the highest ethical and technical levels, services that represent a real benefit for those who receive them, having a philosophy of constant improvement with spirit of service towards our clients and a total commitment towards society.

Our Vision

To be leaders in providing exceptional customer service.

Our Values

Outstanding Service

Our Commitment

We offer exceptional service to our customer letting our reputation speak for itself.

Performing this task based on our five attributes:

We agree and fulfill our commitments.
To be clear, open and prompt in our communications.
We provide the right environment for our people and the right staff for our clients.
Costumer Needs
We anticipate customer needs, being forthright in providing our views thus assuring a better result.
We create added value through giving our customers valuable ideas and tips in time in which they can trust.

we offer you specific solutions

for specific problems

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